Simon's current Keynote lectures for Baltic and Russian itineraries, and general interest presentations

1. Musical Glories of Russia: The Orthodox Choral Tradition 

Simon explores over one thousand years of magnificent music, including some of his research on hidden gems by St. Petersburg composers.


2. Musical Glories of the Baltic: Hanseatic Cities and Bach

Simon investigates the sonorous sounds of this mighty northern trading league, and the influence the music of these composers had on J. S. Bach.


3. Shostakovich: A Life in Symphonies

Any visit to St. Petersburg would be incomplete without an understanding of its modern history as documented in the music of Shostakovich. Simon asks: was this composer dissident or repressed artist?


4. Tender is the North

A journey through musical developments, exploring glorious sounds as a mirror of cultural heritage.


5. Music of the Beyond: Beyond Music?

Find out why the devil doesn't necessarily have all the best tunes...


6. Sugar, Silver and Silence

The legacy of thrilling colonial music from Latin America.


In addition, there is a light-hearted and entertaining classical music quiz which is delivered by Keynote, with 25 musical excerpts, graphics, and questions.