All of these presentations are still available: delivered by Powerpoint

1. Rachmaninov in the Rain...

Hidden messages and secret stories in the music of Rachmaninov which may be dated to events in the year 1915.


2. An Indian Summer for Brahms

Some of the late masterpieces composed by Johannes Brahms, with recent research revealing the narrative and meanings behind some of this music.


3. Escaping the Mysterious Labyrinth

Music and literature from Argentina, with an arrogant gaucho, a beautiful woman, and an old shepherd...


4. Gothic Light and Distant Bells

Paintings by Monet and the symbolism of music by Debussy and Ravel.


5. Saluting the Past: Manet and Ravel

An intriguing look at how painters and composers made conscious use of earlier models and ideas.


6. Symphonic Styles

Simon takes us on a journey, grounding the symphonic tradition in Mozart and Beethoven, leading through late romantic masterpieces, and finally culminating in the orchestral masterpieces of the Baltic and Russia.