Welcome: Simon is a musician, lecturer and teacher interested in links between music, theology, and cultural anthropology. 

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"Simon is by far the best lecturer we have heard"  (Passenger: Saga Pearl II, 2016)

"My cousin Simon's playing of the organ was breathtaking..." 

   (Natasha Brereton-Fukui describing her wedding at Lincoln Cathedral)

 "As well as being an enthusiastic conductor, Simon is a wizard on the organ. No matter how large or small the instrument, you can guarantee he will get the most out of it!" 

(Alan Cooper, Cornish Guardian) 

...what a genius Simon Dunbavand is, not only as an accompanist, but with the complexities of Bach and of Messiaen, which were quite incredible and uplifting... He never ceases to amaze me: a composer, conductor, soloist and accompanist now revealed as a brilliant speaker; one who revealed to us in a superbly researched talk in the cathedral chapter house [...] just what made Messiaen tick.  (Alan Cooper, Cornish Guardian)